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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This is kind of... Well, good news, I suppose? It depends on where you allegiances lie, but it seems like Ubuntu is warming up to the idea of using Qt to develop applications. It's no secret that Qt is a far more advanced development framework than Gtk+, so it only makes sense for Ubuntu - a GNOME/Gtk+ distribution - is looking at it.
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by lemur2 on Thu 21st Oct 2010 05:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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It was developed primarily for windows for years, and until fairly recently, actually ran faster in linux under wine then natively.

This was true for one release, but only because the Windows build only had been optimized via a process called profile guided optimization.

This optimization wasn't done by Mozilla for the Linux build they distributed. At least a few distributions, SuSe I think was one, did however do it for the build they distributed. SuSe also made patches for Firefox to give it better integration with KDE, even to the extent of using native KDE dialog boxes.

I think Arch may have picked up on SuSe's work:

It is not the primary design of an application that makes it fast or slow under one OS or another, it is the little details of how it is tuned and built that matter.

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