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Mac OS X After the news that the new MacBook Airs do not ship with Flash pre-installed (which is news considering Flash has been part of Mac OS X for a very long time), we now have news that Apple is also taking what appears to be the first steps towards removing Apple's own Java runtime from Mac OS X.
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RE[3]: native GUI
by segedunum on Thu 21st Oct 2010 17:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: native GUI"
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Interesting that about the only "cross platform" toolkit that works decently on all platforms in SWT which is Java based.

If you've taken more than a cursory look at SWT you'll find that isn't the case at all, especially if you look at SWT's still ample bug list.

Creating an environment that you have to specifically port to each and every single platform in every way, to run applications that should be the same on each platform, is hideously error prone.

The primary platform for SWT is Win32. Anything else is a bonus.

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RE[4]: native GUI
by lfeagan on Thu 21st Oct 2010 19:22 in reply to "RE[3]: native GUI"
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As a long-time SWT-using programmer, I would say the platform that works best has been Linux, followed by Windows, and then Mac. The main issues I have had with my applications running across these platforms have been related to somewhat vague areas like trying to listen for hover-in/out events. Not all windowing systems have the same idea of what constitutes various ideas about hovering and when/if to notify.

On a related note, SWT on UNIX servers OSes (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, etc) is painful at best, especially the systems that only have Motif.

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