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Mac OS X "No surprise that Apple's new Mac App Store has a similar set of rules and regulations as the iPhone App Store, and we just got the full list. There's nothing here that's too different from the iPhone review guidelines, but it all seems terribly odd when applied to a regular computer, and some of the more restrictive policies have already drawn ire from developers like Mozilla's Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner, who says the restriction against beta code won't work well with the Mozilla 'open beta' development process."
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I think we all know that the only motive for this trend towards more control is all contained in one word, you know, the famous one that keep the world spinning around the sun: money. The reason Apple are doing this is the chunk they foresee themselves taking from the app prices. Nothing to blame them for though.

Who knows where all this will end up, but I'm sure the consumer will have a big say in it's direction either way...

I'm not as sure as you. The story of developers being pissed off because of the iphone app store rules doesn't make me think of Apple as that prone to yielding.
I hope I'm wrong, but like a lot of others, I see the writing on the wall for most platforms, as usual, Apple is showing the way.

True. Now the only question remaining has to do with a qualitative assessment of "the way" Apple is showing.

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