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Windows Windows 8 isn't expected to be released until the end of 2012 and "new feature" details is still officially non-existent, but some of these recent rumours began to bear more weight since a slide was "officially leaked" on This slide although has since been removed, but it can however still be seen on lmsfkitchen.
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"So in essence it implies a reinstall of Windows while maintaining all your personal files, applications and settings. This would be heaven sent for all PC technicians, DIYers and chronic upgraders."

Unbelievable that this is a "new feature". I can easily reinstall Amiga OS on my 1987 Amiga 500, while keeping all my existing applications, personal files and settings.

FULL ACK. That's the argument I'm always using when it comes to locales. My Amiga could switch the Workbench language from English to Swedish without a hitch, Windows still can't do this in 2010. Whoever claims the opposite is advised to install Windows 7 in English and install the native language pack for his language. Then watch how all kinds of applications detect an English Windows and install in English. And how that migration assistant keep on failing due to the language mismatch of source and target operating system.

Sure, it'll be "new" on Windows - but only because of the stupid convoluted way Windows software was originally intended to be "installed" (probably deliberately done that way to prevent piracy). It is things like the stupid Windows registry, endless versions of .dll files and application files in 10 million locations that prevent easy application backup and recovery.

I bet that even this "new feature" will be designed in a painfully stupid way, forcing you to prove that you paid for each piece of software.

I absolutely agree here. I remember the days when my dad got a Windows95 PC to replace my trusty old Amiga. It was such a drawback when it comes to usability. The first thought that I had was: "Dude, why are PCs so difficult to use. Why can't I just install an application by copying it onto the harddisk?!"

I will try to remember your words for the next advocacy argument =).


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