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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Well, this is sure to raise a few eyebrows here and there. Today, at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mark Shuttleworth held his keynote speech, and in it, he announced that Ubuntu will switch to the Unity user interface come release, for both the netbook as well as the desktop, leaving the GNOME user interface behind (but keeping the GNOME platform).
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RE[7]: Comment by mrAmiga500
by molnarcs on Tue 26th Oct 2010 15:02 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Adding something of value is the prerequisite of participation. "GNOME sucks" is crap, plain and simple - whether you agree or not is besides the point. It doesn't help with the discussion, it's a flamebait (and seeing how this thread is progressing, it is quite successful as such), it's not informative, it's not interesting, it's nothing but... as one commenter aptly put it - crap.

"GNOME crashes for me every 15 minutes therefore it sucks" - that's still crap. It does not for possibly millions of users. Again, comments like that add nothing to the discussion - they merely provoke "no it doesn't on my PC" responses, and again we end up talking about... what exactly? Surely not Thom's article which was about Ubuntu switching to Unity.

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RE[8]: Comment by mrAmiga500
by sorpigal on Tue 26th Oct 2010 15:55 in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Adding something of value is the prerequisite of participation.

Nonsense. I don't like your rather bigoted attitude, if you will pardon me for saying so!

In the first place an inflammatory comment has value. In the second place even valueless people and comments are to be respected, not arbitrarily excluded. Let each reader judge what is helpful to the discussion and what is not.

Flamebait only works if you take the bait, which many did. Learning to ignore it is part of being an adult online. Hiding flamebait only serves to infatilize people.

You want to un-derail this thread and talk about Unity? Okay. Unity is an ugly piece of junk, following in the time-honored GNOME tradition of making ugly, junky UIs. It will surely be 'popular' in the same way GNOME has been popular: Used because they stopped shipping the better alternative. Thank goodness that Ubuntu doesn't get to dictate the direction of other distributions.

Is that on-topic enough for you, or does it still contain too much flamebait to be blessed as "adding value" according to your own personal measuring-stick? Can I borrow that stick? I'd like to toe the line of flamebait but not go over it so you won't attempt to stifle my ability to express my opinion. I wouldn't want you to mod me down, but I would like to inflame as many as possible.

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