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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this was inevitable. After Samsung and Sony Ericsson abandoning Symbian for their line of smartphones, and after Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams leaving the company for "personal reasons", there's now a report that the Symbian Foundation is winding down its operations, in preparation for closing up shop entirely.
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RE[5]: Misleading headline
by Neolander on Wed 27th Oct 2010 05:04 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Misleading headline"
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If you think of Symbian as a way to get the Qt Quick development platform on cheaper phones with massive installed base, you've got a good head start in understanding why Symbian isn't quite as doomed as you may think.

Exactly. If Meego wants to compete with android, iOS, etc... it will only run properly on 600€+ hardware too.

Let's face it : most people don't want to invest that much in a phone, even if it also replaces their TV and their microwave oven. With the current distribution of money, only a few percents of the population of the Earth can afford that. Like it or not, only Symbian runs properly on mid-end phones as of today.

Moreover, meego is late, and still has to gain some interest somewhere else than in geekdom.

Symbian allows precisely that : getting good applications for Meego before it's even out, to ease its adoption.

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