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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this was inevitable. After Samsung and Sony Ericsson abandoning Symbian for their line of smartphones, and after Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams leaving the company for "personal reasons", there's now a report that the Symbian Foundation is winding down its operations, in preparation for closing up shop entirely.
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(*)and since I know that you will reply by pointing out that Symbian is used in millions of devices, I'd like to clear that out as well: when I say "not large-scale use", I don't mean users, I mean manufacturers.

Tell that to the user base of iOS. The kernel is used by exactly one manufacturer, and it seems to work just fine.

Moreover, when I think of it, it's strange that you treat Symbian as some sort of novelty which Nokia wastes time on. It's much older than Darwin and Linux, if we take its Epoc32 roots into account, I think.

I think symbian as a kernel is very capable. As others said, it's the userspace that should be fixed... And shoehorning it on top of a linux kernel won't make things better. In fact, use of a complex desktop kernel is more likely to introduce poorer performance, vulnerabilities, and bugs.

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