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In the News "The Russian state plans to revamp its computer services with a Windows rival to reduce its dependence on US giant Microsoft and better monitor computer security, a lawmaker said Wednesday. Moscow will earmark 150 million rubles (3.5 million euros, 4.9 million dollars) to develop a national software system based on the Linux operating system, Russian deputy Ilia Ponomarev told AFP, confirming an earlier report in the Vedomosti daily." Right. I guess this has absolutely nothing to do with this. Want to buy a unicorn?
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They say it will be a version of Linux. Russia has a few commercial Linux distros like ALTLinux and ASPLinux.That 3.5 million Euros may just be lincense, training and deployment fees.

I would also like that Sharp and the chick please.

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I would also like that Sharp and the chick please.

(OT) Nice to see Sharp getting back into the small laptop game, their Actius ultraportables were really nice back in the day. With a few updates to the specs, they could probably re-release some of those models today and sell them as netbooks (they essentially were netbooks... albeit $2,500 to $3,000 netbooks).

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