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Mac OS X It's one of those days again. A supposed security threat appears, and the internet loses its collective brain and starts panicking like Alpha and Omega's kingdom come. This time around, it's a trojan horse thing (it's a trojan, worm, and root kit all in one, though) that targets Mac OS X and Windows. As it turns out, though, the threat this thing poses is not very large (at this point in time).
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I agree that eventually WebGL will replace a lot of this, however do remember, that we were doing OpenGL in applets in 2006 using Java.

4 years later and HTML is still not there.

I would prefer that everything was open like html and javascript - but the fact of the matter is that plugins provide content producers with means for doing stuff that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

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There is also NaCl. And anyway, 4 years ago there were no HTML5 websites or barely anybody using this tech. A lot of this tech is still not shipping in browsers.

That’s like saying to me that 100 years ago they didn’t have quantum computers. We barely have them now, so the time-frame is irrelevant.

Given that the only option outside of the App Store for the iPad / iPhone is HTML5, I think it has plenty of chance for big things. Mozilla are holding an HTML game competition; wait for the results of that before reserving judgement.

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Exactly! Which is why I am saying that plugins have their merit!

My comment was mostly in response to the:

What on earth are you using it for anyway in your web browser?

We need to use Java (with OpenGL) to do stuff like Minecraft (or any of the other lwjgl games (lots)).
And this is of course only one example. There are many things that simply cannot be done, easily - or not at all, in a cross browser fashion using html/5.

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