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In the News "The Russian state plans to revamp its computer services with a Windows rival to reduce its dependence on US giant Microsoft and better monitor computer security, a lawmaker said Wednesday. Moscow will earmark 150 million rubles (3.5 million euros, 4.9 million dollars) to develop a national software system based on the Linux operating system, Russian deputy Ilia Ponomarev told AFP, confirming an earlier report in the Vedomosti daily." Right. I guess this has absolutely nothing to do with this. Want to buy a unicorn?
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RE: licences
by ddc_ on Thu 28th Oct 2010 12:12 UTC in reply to "licences "
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Actually the greater problem is that the most popular runtime + programming language combination in Russia is still Delphi with Java (in a kind unportable manner) comming second.

The second problem is that all software targeted for companies <=> public services data interchange is closed source and even Linux versions are precompiled for (at best) the Ubuntu LTS release.

If the fancy National Operating System project ever gets accomplished, it would become the only Linux migration option for business, meaning that eventual success of Linux platform in Russia will depend on a single distribution.

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RE[2]: licences
by spiderman on Thu 28th Oct 2010 12:39 in reply to "RE: licences "
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even Linux versions are precompiled for (at best) the Ubuntu LTS release.

Give me an executable compiled for Ubuntu LTS and I'll run it on any GNU/linux distro on the same architecture. In the worst case I'll setup a chroot with all the dependencies.

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RE[3]: licences
by ddc_ on Thu 28th Oct 2010 18:10 in reply to "RE[2]: licences "
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Well, the main problem is that You have to maintain it separately from the rest of the system. While certain level of security is provided by the means of Your distribution of choice, You have to manually maintain Your chroot, investigate the security issues of the chroot versions and etc. It is a significant overhead.

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