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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Well, this is sure to raise a few eyebrows here and there. Today, at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mark Shuttleworth held his keynote speech, and in it, he announced that Ubuntu will switch to the Unity user interface come release, for both the netbook as well as the desktop, leaving the GNOME user interface behind (but keeping the GNOME platform).
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RE[3]: Mess - no! choice
by phoenix on Fri 29th Oct 2010 16:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Mess - no! choice"
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Gratuitous use of bold does not make your points any less correct.

The point is that you don't have to be exactly like Windows to be more than enough. I meant that in Windows things are simpler. Even the Windows 7 control panel is more user-friendly than KDE's Control Center.

Up to here, I thought you had a point. Then I realised you were trolling. Anyone who thinks the mess of text links in the Windows 7 Control Panel is better/easier than the logically laid out icons in System Settings in KDE SC 4 is just flat out lying, trolling, and spreading FUD.

The only, and I do mean only good thing about the Windows 7 Control Panel compared to Windows XP is that they included a search field. Without that search field, it would be impossible to find anything in the Windows 7 CP. It's a train wreck of a UI with absolutely no flow to it.

Or even better, let's compare Aero titlebar buttons. Tell you how much more confortable is to hit the red wider button to close a window, than to track and spot on a close-window button in Oxygene, which is by the way, grey shaded just like the title-bar... Know what I mean?

How often do you use the "big red X" to close a window, and how often do you use the apps quit function, and how often do you use keyboard shortcuts? It would be lovely, from a helpdesk tech point of view, if people forgot all about the "close window" feature and started using the "quit app" features in the app itself. So many problems arise from people closing an app the wrong way and losing date (yes, Oracle, I'm looking at you). It would be lovely if there was a way to remove this in Windows ... oh, what's that? You can in KDE but you can't in Windows? Yeah, Windows definitely makes life easier. :roll-eyes:

This is how the open-source misses on how to conquer new horizons by simply refusing to copy what is good and solidified,

The fact that you think Windows is the pinnacle of perfect design and should be copied by everyone says a lot more about you than you realise, and really undermines your argument.

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