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Legal Yesterday, we discussed the claims made by Oracle about Google allegedly copying their code, and quickly enough, the web - I included - concluded that it looked like the code in question originally came from Apache's Harmony Project - although no one could find it in the current code repository. Earlier this morning, I contacted the Apache Software Foundation, and they cleared everything up: the contested class library does not, and did not, come from the Apache Harmony project.
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RE[5]: Google annoys me
by NeoX on Sun 31st Oct 2010 03:06 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Google annoys me"
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If you look closely, you'll see that most of the Google hate comes from Apple fanboys, because Google is everything Apple is not, and is still incredibly successful. Google is a huge threat to Apple, and Apple fanboys know it. As such, they hate Google, like they hated Microsoft before that.

HAHA That is a pretty bold statement. But completely baseless too. I know plenty of people that hate Google because of the privacy concerns and are not Apple users. I know plenty of people in Corporate IT that hate Google because of the way they tried to give them the shaft with their search appliance. Again not Mac users. I also know plenty of Windows MS users that can't stand Google also because of Privacy concerns and the way some of there tools work, or rather don't work.

So don't go creating another stereotype here, we have enough of those already!

For the record I do not hate Google, but think, like you, they probably do questionable things and probably don't respect your privacy, despite what they say. Of course I am not an Apple fanboy. A Mac fan, Yes, but that is not the same thing.

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