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Internet & Networking We will try to get a GPRS internet connection using Linux-based phones as modems and route the connection to Mac OS X via Bluetooth. This guide is for Mac OS X, the US Cingular GPRS service only (other providers might work out of the box with the phone, others might not at all -- you never know with GPRS) and any of the Linux-based Motorola smartphones like the A760, A780, E680/i etc (they are all identical regarding their 'modem' functionality).
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RE: Eugenia - can you check iSync?
by Eugenia on Thu 13th Oct 2005 22:49 UTC in reply to "Eugenia - can you check iSync?"
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1. There is no greek support in the Motorola Linux smartphones (at least the unlocked ones that one could find in the bazaar ;) . There is only Chinese and English support. These smartphone's market is primarily for China and Singapore in fact, not even USA.

2. No, the full range of iSync does not work, as I already mentioned in the article. But Address Book syncing and modem-functionality does.

>what has your experience been ?

Did you not read my review of the E680i the other day? (the A780 and E680i software side is almost identical). I link it above!

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The last 5 days have been a haze :p

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