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Legal Apple sued Motorola back. Who wants a Pop-Tart? Seriously, why don't they sell Pop-Tarts in The Netherlands? Why do I have to jump through so many hoops just to get Pop-Tarts? Or root beer for that matter? I mean, come on.
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You're kidding, right?
by jac_goudsmit on Sun 31st Oct 2010 18:57 UTC
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Pop tarts and root beer? You're kidding, right?

Pop tarts are almost, but not quite, completely gross, and that's BEFORE you toast them.

The words "root" and "beer" shouldn't be used in the same sentence, let alone in the same word. Making it into a root beer float (by dropping some ice cream in it) doesn't make it any better.

I've been in the USA for 10 years and I think most of the candy you can get here tastes like soap. Some medicine tastes better than candy - they make cough syrup taste like licorice and my theory is that that's the reason why Americans don't like licorice.

An exception to the rule is things that you can get here as well as in the Netherlands: they taste the same but they get the names all wrong: American Milky Way = European Mars, American Three Musketeers = European Milky Way, etc.

I agree with the other poster: Hershey's is the nastiest chocolate I've ever tasted (it's similar to Cadbury which I tried on a trip to England). I usually get German chocolate from import stores. I miss Verkade chocolate and I miss (Belgian) Palm beer...

And don't get me started about frikandellen, kroketten and frietsaus. I dream of those every night...

You are LUCKY, Thom! :-)

Anyway, what was the subject again?

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RE: You're kidding, right?
by sorpigal on Mon 1st Nov 2010 14:21 in reply to "You're kidding, right?"
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As a long-time American, being here since birth, I can say that I and other americans generally have no problem eating hershey's chocolate. This is the cheapest chocolate and it is readily available. Most americans will never eat a chocolate bar, pure chocolate, of any other brand! Having had the opportunity to sample a large number of european chocolates (german and swiss mostly) I find that there is no comparison: hershey is much worse! However, I still eat it without revulsion because it is a flavor I know and it's cheap.

Basically, given few readily-available (and cheap) options hershey's is not so bad. If we all could get german chocolate as cheaply hershey's would not be as popular (but it would take two generations to change).

Your commentary on candy bars is interesting; I had not noticed this but I'll be sure to compare the next time.

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