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KDE Ambition. Too little, and you stagnate. Too much, and you end up stumbling. Keep this in mind. KDE4 was, and is, a very brave and ambitious effort, and while in my personal opinion they've still got a long way to go, especially in the performance department (I regained some hope lately), they're getting there. Imagine my surprise that after the recently announced overhaul of Plasma, a rather wild idea has popped up that would mean Qt5 and KDE5 - assuming the idea gets enough support, of course.
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I always kind of assumed this was the direction they were heading in with the release of KDE4/QT4. Given Trolltech and then Nokia's employees always heavy involvement in KDE's development it just seemed logical. It's seems that the KDE is disorganized and a concrete direction to a goal like this needs to be stated otherwise KDE4 will just float around forever and stagnate like GNOME2 has.

With the acquisition of QT by Nokia, KDE has been sitting in a potentially explosive position for a couple years now and it seems to continue to be loaded with more powder every day. Currently the largest mobile phone and microchip manufacturers (Nokia and Intel) are unsuccessfully scrambling to create in Meego what KDE almost already is (and so much more). Now Ubuntu, the largest desktop Linux distro, want's to switch to QT.

If this merger happens it means that every KDE app will be available on Windows and Mac OS's as well as almost half the worlds mobile phones by default (Amarok could be a potent gateway drug). No opportunity for the adoption of linux by end users of this scale has ever been presented before. It's been my opinion that the KDE people have been severly neglecting platform promotion.

With some sales savvy and a clear workable proposal I think these three parties could be brought on board to do something really special.

I also think that the KDE4/QT4 Social Semantic Desktop idea is a better fit for a Unity/GNOME Shell type interface than GNOME/Gtk or even KDE's current one.

To end with a random thought, KDE's biggest criticism is the KDElibs dependancies on thier apps. I guess people don't realise that they're under 15MB in total.

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Notice that besides those 15 mb there are a lot of other dependencies. But yeah, most people heavily over-estimate the impact of KDE libs on their system...

You are right in that this is something which should've happened a long time ago. The idea isn't exactly new, at least I know I've spoken about this very thing over a year ago with Sebas - Qt just wasn't very open back then however. Now the time is right to start doing this and I hope it'll happen.

But there is more than just a communication/promo barrier here - technically it'll be a lot of work and in some area's it'll be impossible with Qt and KDE how they are. So don't hold your breath. Small steps will have to come first ;)

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Whenever more than one person works toward a goal there was sale of the idea preceding it. As a long time salesman I know that people buy the presentation, not the product. This is true about anything you or I have ever done consciously or unconsciously. Our decisons don't occur spontaniously in our minds but by a series of suggestions. Thats a bit absract but if the sale of this idea can be made KDE/QT can gain major resources for the softwares development. Nobody sets up a factory, starts manufacture and then seeks investment right?

I think KDE would do well as a superset complementing QT be tightly integrated with little overlap but without Nokia on fully board it can't happen. They must be conviced that KDE is what they need first.

I'd much rather have KDE continue it's practice of almost traspairent (from a user prespective anyway) of developing KDE4. They've done some pretty major changes and since 4.3 it's been a pretty smooth ride (I probably have the kubuntu team to thank for that).

In my opinion Corny's atempting this now because he sees that it's the only way to see KDE/QT live up to it's potential. I wish him luck.

btw, the 15MB figure was from adding the KDE/Qt specific dep.'s of konqueror together. In total the app weighs in at under 20MB and about 35MB in RAM on my system (unless the evil nspluginviewer goes arwy). It just bugs me to see people badmouth it and happily install bloated ass java and flash with firefox without a word.

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