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Google That is without a single shred of doubt the most awesome headline I ever got to put on OSNews. This headline is so awesome I don't even need to write anything else, because it would just detract from the awesomeness. Cue Johnny Guitar, with a lone wanderer riding his horse towards a Mojave sunset, after just having... Wait, where were we? Right. Yes, Google has sued the US Department of the Interior because its Request for Quotation regarding a messaging solution demanded the use of Microsoft software.
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RE[2]: Comment by Praxis
by ricegf on Tue 2nd Nov 2010 03:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Praxis"
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Um, why not write the RFP to specify the functions needed, and then only evaluate the software packages that are proposed to meet the RFP?

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I understand government and military purchasing is very similar. Why not write more generic requirnments? Because someone with decision making authority likes the Microsoft brand and has decided that on a solution that can work with their own pet project can be considered.

I've heard tell of military projects get to the point of beta test user. A officer change brings in a new figurehead that likes Microsoft and suddenly the previous and nearly complete project is scrapped to support some officer's brand preferences.

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