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Amiga & AROS Always wanted to own the IP and trademarks of one of the most innovative computer brands in history? A brand carried by a computer which was easily ten years ahead of its time, capable of multitasking (in colour) with multiple resolutions displayed at the same time, while Windows were still windows and the Mac couldn't hold more than 8 pages in its word processor on its single-tasking monochrome operating system? Yes, Bill McEwen's Amiga, Inc. is selling the Amiga trademark and all associated IP. It's not like the guy was doing anything with it anyway.
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What's happening with the X1000 ?
by truckweb on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 01:56 UTC
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I know it's not about the Amiga trade mark, but did anybody heard anything new about A-EON A1-X1000?

Is it still vaporware?

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Think they had to do some small revisions and missed schedules. But It was apparently shown again at the AmiWest 2010 retro convention in Sacramento, USA (I think). Its support of AmigaOS4.1 is growing I believe.

Probably will slip into 2011. Dunno.

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I know it's not about the Amiga trade mark, but did anybody heard anything new about A-EON A1-X1000? Is it still vaporware?

Inform yourself before judging something as "vaporware"!

AmigaONE X1000 has been publically demoed running AmigaOS 4.1 at latest AmigaWest Exhibit, in Sacramento, California (USA) which took place 22,23 and 24 october 2010.

Check for testomines and Videos on Google, Youtube and Amiga sites:

The flagship AmigaOS platform is the AmigaOne X1000 and it was present in the latest generation case from A-EON Technology. The case was not branded but it does represent the latest version of the case. Thomas and Hans-Joerg Frieden had installed a myriad of software for show goers to try including Exult, UAE, Freespace, Jagged Alliance 2, BOH, Quake 2, Amiga Writer, Timberwolf, OWB, DvPlayer, MPlayer, AMC, various Hollywood demos and of course REBOL 3.

Late Friday, Carl Sassenrath delivered on his promise and we had a version of REBOL 3 available in time for AmiWest. For those not up to date on REBOL I invite you to explore the REBOL web site. Getting an Amiga version of REBOL 3 ahead of other platforms like Mac OS X was also quite a thrill. Carl is a tad biased and some of his code is still running inside AmigaOS 4 to this day. And yes, REBOL 3 was running fine on A-EON Technology's X1000 as well.

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So something's not vaporware because it's been publicly demoed? And because you can see that demo online?

Well, sir/madam, perhaps you'd be interested in pre-ordering a Phantom games console: here's the video with the demo:

I accept cheques and money orders. ;)

Seriously, a public demo is practically a requirement for something to qualify as vaporware. And it remains vaporware till the day you or I can actually buy the darned thing.

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