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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Under an initiative sponsored by the European Commission, the Symbian platform was this week endorsed by the Artemis Joint Technology Initiative and specifically identified as a unique technology that is a vital focus for European-centric mobile software development. As a result, a total investment of over EUR 22 million has been committed to the development of next generation technologies for the Symbian platform. This development project is being led by the Symbian Foundation as part of a consortium of major European technology organisations. The consortium is made up of 24 organisations from 8 European countries, comprising major mobile device manufacturers, hardware and service integration professional services, major consumer electronics companies, mobile network operators, application developers, universities and research institutions."
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RE[3]: technology socialism?
by Karitku on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 12:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: technology socialism?"
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Comparing this to academic study against wasting money to abandoned platform is crazy. Supporting existing product on goverment money is waste if it doesn't value of generating jobs and welfare, both which are false in this case. Theoritical study is totally different compared to this and is largely sponsored private sector since it seen as value. This offers no value to any other than maybe Nokia and even they aren't intrested on Symbian. Tell me what profit in terms of welfare, jobs or tax income does this offer? None I say. It's typical euro socialist-communist crap that is based on "good fellow" deals that aim to aid only few.

Typical euro social-communist scheme goes like this A) Sponsor product that brings jobs or income to people near you using goverment money B) Watch product to fail against non-sponsored product in market C) Pump more money to delay total failure, loss of jobs and most importantly loss of your public face D) Keep pumping money until you are far away and let shit hit fan. I know this because this is typical Finnish system.

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RE[4]: technology socialism?
by Neolander on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 13:03 in reply to "RE[3]: technology socialism?"
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It's funding research in open-source OSs, just like the funds given to minix earlier. It brings the same kind of potential long-term benefits to anyone : better future operating systems. How is it different ?

I mean... Without wanting to start a holy war, Linux and BSD are just unambitious clones of AT&T Unix made by CS teachers and students who didn't want to pay its large cost. Same monolithic structure, same focus on text files, same user/admin security model... Symbian, on the other hand, is a microkernel real-time OS with some real work on security and power management. It's much more ambitious and interesting, so it's only natural to fund it...

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RE[4]: technology socialism?
by spiderman on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 14:24 in reply to "RE[3]: technology socialism?"
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Please take your politics elsewhere. This is blatant flame bait. People have literally killed each other over capitalism vs socialism vs communism. No need to bring that kind of shit here. Just stick to the facts. Don't bring your socialo-politico-economico-religious opinions that nobody cares about here please.

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RE[5]: technology socialism?
by Kochise on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 18:38 in reply to "RE[4]: technology socialism?"
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I'd like to add, as a French reader, that a country and its government are here, using citizens' bills and taxes, to make everyone living in good condition, even the average salary men that do not own a firm and the CEO's wages coming along with it. Please do not put the words "socialism" and "communism" in the same bag : communism doesn't 'allows' getting rich, while socialism is mostly like capitalism, without its rudeness and 'anarchy' methodology (only the stronger, here the richer, will survive, despite common sense)

I find pretty good a community to help a technology that could provide services to the citizens to be saved from decay, especially if this technology is... technologically advanced (not sure about the wiseness to make DOS or similar based system surviving) Or are you the one that would let die disabled people and children due to their lack of... effectiveness, while they still can provide various sort of services (if not being just human beings) ?

OK, that might sounds strange to compare technology with humans, yet technology has been settled up by humans, FOR humans' usage. And I can assure you technology is good if used wisely (embedded systems, such automotive dashboards, medical care systems, and so on) And, what a strange coincidence, Symbian can target these, while being mostly used in the cell phone array. Symbian is a pretty good OS written from scratch up, and offers a really good viability, if not financially, at least technologically.

And that would be a real shame to let this disappear just for the sake of capitalism, or being bought by a stronger company just to be closed-sourced again and put off the lights for it not to overshadow some other product (having Sun's products in mind)

Just quit that "commies" fantasy, we're not animals, we don't have to live on urban legends anymore (we're connected to the net, gossips and hoaxes haven't true founding) to please the capitalism's cult...


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