Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 21:49 UTC
PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I bought 8Pen for my Nexus One last night, an alternative, and pretty revolutionary, input method for Android. But how does it stack against normal soft keyboards?
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RE: Thanks for this
by Eugenia on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 22:23 UTC in reply to "Thanks for this"
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Yes, it lets you write all these accented characters by pressing and holding the gesture of the equivalent English character before returning to the Spacebar circle. It didn't have Greek character support though (my native language), just Northern European characters with diacritics.

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RE[2]: Thanks for this
by Moredhas on Thu 4th Nov 2010 07:38 in reply to "RE: Thanks for this"
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It can't be long before they add support for other languages. 8pen were probably either all English-speakers, or aiming for the greatest exposure first. I expect the next releases will just have different layouts for having diacriticals in the default positions, but Greek can't be far off. It would require a lot of research and focus testing, I'd think. I'm curious to see how they do Asian language support, if they ever do it.

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RE[2]: Thanks for this
by cygnus on Thu 4th Nov 2010 08:17 in reply to "RE: Thanks for this"
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what keyboard *does* have greek language support? Apart from stock android and htc_ime, i haven't found any. Swype supposedly supports it, but not on the user-downloadable beta versions...

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