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Amiga & AROS Always wanted to own the IP and trademarks of one of the most innovative computer brands in history? A brand carried by a computer which was easily ten years ahead of its time, capable of multitasking (in colour) with multiple resolutions displayed at the same time, while Windows were still windows and the Mac couldn't hold more than 8 pages in its word processor on its single-tasking monochrome operating system? Yes, Bill McEwen's Amiga, Inc. is selling the Amiga trademark and all associated IP. It's not like the guy was doing anything with it anyway.
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RE: One more time
by Raffaele on Thu 4th Nov 2010 06:19 UTC in reply to "One more time"
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poor amiga. another owner have wringed the ip dry and selling whatever left of the carcass off. again. just let the amiga name die in peace, and not in piece.

Why instead don't you take care of your rotten carcass?

Acting as a troll damages slowly but steadily the brain cells, attacks the lungs, the liver and the kidneys, the mouth becomes dry and black, the rage that drove out of you reduces immunity defenses, causes heartstrokes, and the risk of cancer is enormously enhanced due to the continuous spitting of bile from the mouth at any innuendo you made.

Only a cure of enjoying Amiga that is an immortal fantastic superb computer platform could give you again the joy of life, make you rediscover the values of friendship and the meaning of "ease of use" of computers, and saving you from a certain painful inglorious death of the body and of the soul. ;)

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