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Legal It seems like the first battle in the patent dispute between Nokia and Apple has been in Nokia's favour. The staff of the US International Trade Commission has sided with Nokia, stating that either the claims in Apple patents were invalid, or they were not infringed upon. All this was detailed in a memo, but for some reason, nobody is actually linking to said memo, making this story a little sparse on details (cookie if you can find the memo).
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RE: I still don't understand...
by bfr99 on Thu 4th Nov 2010 12:09 UTC in reply to "I still don't understand..."
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Here is the analogy:

You buy a toaster at Walmart it is defective, catches on fire and burns your house down. Walmart is the one to sue despite the fact they did not manufacture the toaster. Of course the toaster manufacturer could also be sued but its likely to be an obscure Chinese company untouchable from the US. Patent infringement follows the same legal theory.

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Bad analogy. In that situation, you would sue the manufacturer for creating a defective product. If you sued Wal-Mart, all they'd do is refund you money on the toaster.

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