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Internet & Networking Every now and then, you get these news item that make you feel like something's wrong. The item doesn't make sense, shouldn't be possible, and yet it is. Despite Microsoft's newfound commitment to web standards, it's still incredibly unnerving to see things like this - the W3C's first HTML5 compliance test, in which Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6 outdoes all other browsers.
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lemur2 p0wn3d by IE9.

How does that work?

My only comments on IE9 on this site to date have been to applaud the efforts of Microsoft to bring its standards-complaince into line with or ahead of other browsers. Well done.

I have had a go over other Microsoft web initiatives such as Silverlight, which is precisely the opposite of a standard, but here again Microsoft seem of late to be doing the right thing by diminshing the role of Silverlight. So another welcome initiative right there.

Microsoft even have said the IE9's HTML5 will support WebM if the user install a codec (which I'm sure Google will provide). It would have been better had Microsoft built in support for WebM by deafult, as they have done for H.264, but I suppose one can't have everything, and even this position is reasonable.

Now Windows XP still has 60% of the desktop market, and IE9 apparently won't be offered to XP users:

... so that is a little disappointing (as far as adoption of web standards goes) I suppose. However, all is not lost even from that persepective ... that 60% of the market can keep an older version of IE if they wish/need to and still keep up with web standards by either installing Firefox (and IEtab extension), or installing Google Chrome Farme.

So it is all good for users in the end.

This outcome is, after all, what we should always support, no matter where it comes from.

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