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Apple It's the end of the line for Apple's line of servers, the Xserve. The Cupertino giant has just announced that the Xserve line (no more future models, either) will no longer be sold after January 31, 2011, and advises people interested in Mac OS X Server to buy either a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server installed.
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RE[2]: Lion without server version
by kaiwai on Fri 5th Nov 2010 23:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Lion without server version"
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When will people learn?
* Only buy Apple-DRMed ACC.

And funny enough they were one of the first to offered DRM-free music world wide - where is the ability for me to purchase DRM-free music in New Zealand? Amazon tells me to piss off if I try to purchase something off them, same goes for Real and any other US based music reseller.

* Only watch iTunes store movie content.

Who said you had to do that? I watch my DVD's quite nicely and they aren't blocked by Apple.

* Only use online video formats approved by Apple.

Based on what evidence? where have they blocked other formats from running on Mac OS X?

* Only download your applications from Apple.

And where have they done that? show me exactly where I'm forced to only download applications off Apple for Mac OS X.

Stupid consumers, stop bitching, pay more.

Stupid post commenting on matters he knows nothing about.

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I know they have DRM-free music now. And it may or may not have been their idea in the first place. The format most likely was since it's not compatible with anything else. It's an Apple exclusive DRM format.

Doesn't matter, I don't buy songs anyway.

Just bitching about all the vendor and format lock-in in place. Whatever it's reasonable or possible to stay out of it with any other products I don't know. I for sure don't want it none the less ;)

Wasn't there some crap there the AppleTV or whatever it's called had it's HDD removed and only let you watch their online content? I don't know if I can be an USB host but if it does I still assume it only plays some video formats included from Apple in the first place, such as the old AppleTV did. I'm sure you can hack that and force peridan or something such upon it. But it's not like it was designed for it or with that in mind. I assume. AppleTV being an Apple product and all.

Regarding online formats I mean HTML video where Apple AFAIK only use H.264, (some of) the other players included WebM and then we got the Theora format but it seems like that's somewhat out of the question now? Though now when I'm typing it I wonder if Apple didn't used whatever Quicktime played through Safari and in that case shame on me because then it will most likely play close to anything, which imho it should. Even though Firefox and Opera may not agree.

You aren't forced to only download your applications from Apple, but you for sure will be encouraged to once Lion is out. Even though they may not say something like "omg this is the only safe way to install applications on your mac" people will use it, and Apple will get their share.

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Also I don't see how old issues aren't issues longer.

I mean, forced Atrac conversion when MiniDisk finally become NetMD enabled? On MP.. uhm, flashmemorybasedmusicplayers? MemoryStick only? UMD? DRM and rootkits on CDs?

It's not like we would give Sony a break for fucking up in historical times just because they may have shaped up in some areas by now (mostly by being forced to since their own formats and implementation didn't survived because they where shit in the first place)?

So why should Apple go free? Apple is the most vendor locked-in vendor/series of hardware and software I know.

Want to use remote desktop on your mac? Get a MobileMe account.
(Not entirely Apples fault but still disturbing:) Want to use a webcam with a friend? They better use iChat or AOL IM.
Want to have a video conversion on your phone? These are not the standardized 3G video solutions you're looking for.
Rather obvious but iPhoto and Aperture photo management will most likely enforce the Apple platform upon you (as would using Logic I assume ...), while Lightroom and things like Reason probably keep your options open.

I think I read how the H.264 acceleration only worked with some videos encoded in some Quicktime way, probably got something with some weird options to do in some other variants, still annoying if the cards would had been able to play them accelerated (of that I have no idea.)

H.264 acceleration for others than Quicktime was damn slow implemented and is still poorly implemented because it's only done for the very last computers.

Earlier, don't know about current versions, I've read that Apple OpenGL support was way behind as well.

Those two last are not vendor lock-ins, but it still suck.

Graphic cards are vendor locked-in. You could argue that's because they use EFI and it's not because Apple are bitches, but anyone with a hack can use a normal graphic card so ..

But paying more for Apple branded items are fun. For my Macbook Pro I could choose from some TwinMos ValueRAM or whatever or some TwinMos made-for-Apple-RAM. Picked the first assuming they where all within the standard and the Apple using regular Intel components (with some stupid OCZ or something such memory modules maybe not.) Worked, saved cash.

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remote desktop ? - tons VNC or MS Remote Desktop stuff, mostly free

"Want to use a webcam with a friend?" - everybody uses Skype and there is Skype for mac so what ?

"think I read how the H.264 acceleration only worked with some videos encoded in some Quicktime" - you read wrong or beter do not think, because it is not true

"I've read that Apple OpenGL support was way behind as well" - not true, simple example - Steam based games are running just fine and in some games they perform even better than on MS Win

OSX is not locked at all, same freedom as MS Windows and better stability than Linux and MS stuff.

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