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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, this was to be expected: an anti-virus company complaining that Microsoft's Security Essentials - by far the best anti-virus tool for Windows - is anti-competitive. Microsoft recently began offering MSE as an optional download via the optional Microsoft Update service (which is not Windows Update), and Trend Micro (a patent troll) is going into boo-hoo mode over it.
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Trend Micro =/= patent troll
by JokeyRhyme on Sat 6th Nov 2010 03:56 UTC
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I would hardly call Trend Micro a patent troll. They actually have released products in the domain in question for quite some time. That would be like calling Apple or Microsoft patent trolls. We could call these companies many things, but they don't exist solely to litigate patent suits or licence patents (which is how I would define "patent troll").

That said, Trend Micro certainly haven't earned themselves many friends lately.

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I would mod you up, but I want to add to what you said... It is counter-productive to call a company like this a patent troll, because it dilutes the definition of the term to the point that it doesn't mean anything anymore. If Trend Micro is a patent troll than virtually every software company on earth who has ever been granted a patent and filed suit at some point is one...

I am violently opposed to the practice of patent trolling. A patent troll is a company that produces nothing, files for and/or acquires obvious patents and then silently waits for an actual functional business to implement their now patented idea and sues the crap out of them for their trouble.

Trend Micro is NOT a patent troll. They make stuff. The stuff they make may be pretty crappy, you may hate their product (hell I hate their product), etc. etc., but they do make something.

The term should be reserved for the vile, filthy, cowardly, scum-of-the-earth, no-talent, useless assholes that truly deserve the title.

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To these two excellent points I would like to add that I can certainly see why Trends might be miffed about MSE although applying the term antitrust is probably not correct. This is actually more like unfair competition and price dumping, MS is more or less dumping a new product into an existing market and using profits from other products to cover their losses.
I'm not saying Trends is necessarily right but I can see why this behavior would upset them.
I also hate their products too btw, but making crap products isn't against the law.

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