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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, this was to be expected: an anti-virus company complaining that Microsoft's Security Essentials - by far the best anti-virus tool for Windows - is anti-competitive. Microsoft recently began offering MSE as an optional download via the optional Microsoft Update service (which is not Windows Update), and Trend Micro (a patent troll) is going into boo-hoo mode over it.
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Which still doesn't make Trend Micro's complaint something I can agree with. People have been paying for Yahoo Mail plus before GMail arrived. People have been paying for IntelliJ IDEA before Eclipse surfaced (having reportedly cost $40 million to IBM). And these are probably not the sole examples but my mind can't find another valid one right now. The whole h.264 and WebM? Google has "given" web users several good free products that are not search-centric. I bet some of these markets had vendors (of non-free solutions/products) that were already established. Best example, Linux vs Windows...

Big players "dumping" markets looks like a fact of life. Businesses should just learn to deal with it, either by establishing a monopoly and trying to crush the competition, or by releasing products better than the competition. I won't feel sorry for Trend Micro, and that's not just because I use Avira. Imagine if people using MSE were left "in the dark" just to protect AV companies' bottom line.

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