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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Symbian has had a bit of a string of bad news lately, but starting today, things might just start looking up again. Major changes have been announced with regards to the Symbian Foundation and Nokia's involvement with the platform, which all basically come down to this: Nokia is taking over development of the platform, while the Foundation focusses on licensing.
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Nicholas Blachford
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Wasn't the issues with multi-touch and maybe a designed made for using a stylus instead of over-sized for fingers? Also resistive type touchscreens? And maybe less applications.

The N95 was a wonderful phone, technically very advanced and the UI worked very well - but it was all controlled with keys, not a touch screen.

Then the iPhone came out with a totally different tactile interface. The N95 8GB was a technically much better phone but the iPhone GUI was years ahead.

Nokia have spent the last few years trying to catch up with the iPhone GUI.

Maemo and MeeGo have everything they need I guess. Symbian may get there to, what do I know?

You've actually answered your question here. It's all perception - what makes you think Symbian has to catch up with MeeGo?

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Post like this make me wonder if "Nokia" is just Finnish for "Apple". That's some kinda wonderful distortion field you're living in, if you think its Symbian is as attractive as Meego.

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aliquis Member since:

It's all perception - what makes you think Symbian has to catch up with MeeGo?
People? (Mostly people who have used an older version I assume.)


Comparisons with WebOS, Maemo and iOS?

Nokia themselves? (Why the need to develop it further, delay it or use Maemo/MeeGo for higher end phones unless there's a difference?)

All the other phone companies switching from Symbian to Android or something else instead of staying with Symbian?

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