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Internet & Networking "What if you could essentially fake your death online - completely delete any trace of yourself from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, Usenet, and anywhere else there might be some record of your existence. Such a concept is largely impossible today, especially given complications from services like Facebook combined with caches and mirrors of practically everything ever e-created. The European Commission wants to change that."
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RE[2]: Comment by OSbunny
by vodoomoth on Tue 9th Nov 2010 13:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by OSbunny"
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I second jjmckay and ndrw: the best protection for that is to not put anything out there in the first place.
People want to be famous, or have an insane number of friends and then they rave about their "right to be forgotten"? If the web could speak, who can guarantee that it wouldn't rave about its "right to remember"?
I've managed to never see more of Facebook, Twitter and othe rhip social networking sites that there may be, than their 'f' and 't' icons. How smart of me! But I also understand that not everybody is the privacy freak that I am; I'm using secondary addresses and striving to reach a point where nobody (that isn't family or friends) knows my main email address.

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