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Java "Charging that Oracle has willfully disregarded the licensing terms for its own Java technology, the Apache Software Foundation has called upon other members of the Java Community Process (JCP) to vote against the next proposed version of the language, should Oracle continue to impose restrictions on open-source Java use. The nonprofit organization has also indicated that it could end its involvement in the JCP if the licensing restrictions stay in place."
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What is worse however is that Oracle is probably in a position to sue over any VM based language, including Python, Ruby, Lua, etc. Not just Mono.

Not really, considering Python (for instance) was released before Java even started as a project within Sun. Ruby started much later, but interpreted languages have been around a LONG time, so I can't see any such lawsuit standing up in court for long.

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Except for the fact that Python has changed. Who knows if something new in Python 3, for example, violates a patent held by Oracle?

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I wonder... guess that's the problem when you base your foundation (Python Software Foundation) in the US.

Think (not a lawyer here) that most of these patents aren't worth the paper there printed on in Europe. So maybe the PSF should move back to Amsterdam...

So they would be safe(r) of the claws of 3v1l 0r4cl3.

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