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GNU, GPL, Open Source Now this is interesting. We see what is at its core a very valid concern, in practice not a problem to anyone, and, thanks to the tone of the press release, close to trolling. The Free Software Foundation Latin America is complaining about something that has been known for a while - there is some non-Free code stuck in the Linux kernel (mostly firmware). A valid issue of concern from an idealogical viewpoint, but sadly, the tone of the press release turns this valid concern into something close to trolling.
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Linux is Linus's kernel. He can do with it what he pleases. FSF doesn't have a working, widely used, & widely successful kernel. If they don't like how he manages HIS kernel project, then they can find another kernel to piggy-back off of. Or maybe they can use their own kernel. No, I guess they can't, since their kernel seems to be quite a bit stuck in the "All talk, no action" phase. Then I guess that means that they should shut up & sit down. If they made Linus mad enough, it's possible that he could remove future versions of the kernel from FSF space by changing the kernel's license. I doubt it would hurt him as much as it would hurt them. And before anybody gets butt-hurt over me calling it FSF instead of FSFLA, you should keep in mind that FSFLA is just a branch FSF.

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So you basically agree that Linux is proprietary and property of one person? But you still want to attack FSFLA even thought you agree with them? And you attack wrong FSF (no, it is not branch, it is separate organization).


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I think he wanted to say that Linus is Linux's original developer and maintainer, at first his OS was to be run on the most large range of PC hardware, whatever the drivers... correction, the firmwares were open-source or not. He released his own work openly, that's not Linus' problem to release third-parties' sources as well.

When FSF decided Linux is no more Linus' property because 1) Hurd is incomplete, needs a working kernel 2) Linux uses GNU tools 3) thus Linux is renamed GNU/Linux 4) Linus adopted a viral DRM that should have forced him to release these third-parties sources OR at least remove the binaries, Linus persisted to maintain this established compatibility, yet removed them from the main tree and moved them aside for user-awarness usage.

What bugs many people is how FSF vampirize Linus' efforts and kernel and dictate him their narrow-minded view on how the world should bend before them and offer them everything for free on a silver plate, begging for pardon. Linux-free is the attempt to get rid from the proprietary binaries, and well, that's a good move for the fanatics out there, those that cannot stand freedom to use these binary firmware files or not.

Since it is obviously no use trying to speak, or just dealing with these FOSS-zealots, let's get move to another more important topic. This ain't going nowhere, script kiddies are just opening their mouth wide to be fed with open source code, making them believe they owns, checks, rules, controls and can changes how the world spins. Yet this is a fallacy, they just have to grow a little more.

Some said this is easy for zealots requesting to be given free source code, while they are working on academic projects and are thus fed by the nation, not some private corporations or just little companies. They cannot cope with the capitalisms and those companies trying to protect themselves from IT leechers by not providing their secret recipes.

If having such a grunt over closed-sourced firmwares, drivers, softwares, etc, why all those talented moaners don't try to figure out, organize themselves, create dedicated hardware from scratch (CPU, GPU, audio, network, ...) and the corresponding drivers, and offer everything for free to the said community ? Let's do a real move, if you're real mens...


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