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AMD MeeGo! Nokia's hope for the future is developing at a quick pace, and considering the rather lukewarm reception of Nokia's Symbian^3 devices, that quick pace is more than justified. MeeGo got a big boost today with AMD announcing support for the platform. The company puts its money where its mouth is, too.
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AMD fusion APU family of devices
by lemur2 on Tue 16th Nov 2010 00:19 UTC
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AMD have released programming specifications for most of its family of graphics chips, so that open source developers are able to write Linux drivers for AMD/ATI graphics chipsets.

AMD have recently announced the AMD Fusion™ Family of APUs.

AMD have even deomnstrated the first fusion APU chips:

In particular, the Falcon APUs seem to be targetted at the low-power segment of the market.

An option to be implemented into mobile phones, UMPC and small multimedia devices, with the codenamed Bobcat processor core focusing on low power consumption (1 to 10 Watts TDP) computations for handheld devices such as UMPC.

It would seem that this announcement from AMD joining the Meego effort is entirely in line with the Falcon APUs target market.

The only strange thing is that Meego is aimed at netbooks, mids, tablets and handhelds. Intel is involved because most netbooks use Intels Atom CPU in conjunction with Intel's GMA graphics accelerators. AMD's Fusion APUs will probably become a direct challenge to that combination of Intel chipsets within the meego target market.

Intel and AMD both involved in Meego: strange bedfellows it would seem.

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