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Linux "In recent weeks and months there has been quite a bit of work towards improving the responsiveness of the Linux desktop with some very significant milestones building up recently and new patches continuing to come. This work is greatly improving the experience of the Linux desktop when the computer is withstanding a great deal of CPU load and memory strain. Fortunately, the exciting improvements are far from over. There is a new patch that has not yet been merged but has undergone a few revisions over the past several weeks and it is quite small - just over 200 lines of code - but it does wonders for the Linux desktop."
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RE[4]: BeOS like ?
by Fergy on Wed 17th Nov 2010 14:51 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: BeOS like ?"
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My pentium 75 laptop with 40mb of ram running windows 95 begs to differ :p

(I run windows since the CT65565 video card has crap linux support and I don't wanna just run with a cli)

Do you mean that win95 did not run smooth with 32MB and P200 or that higher specs 40MB did not even run smooth?

Your reply answers nothing and raises at least 2 questions.

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RE[5]: BeOS like ?
by helf on Wed 17th Nov 2010 14:54 in reply to "RE[4]: BeOS like ?"
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Guess it was a bit unclear, sorry, I've only been awake for 45 minutes.

I meant that Windows 95 will run more than acceptably with more than 1 program on p1-200 with 32mb ram.

My p1-75 with 40mb runs multiple PuTTY SSH2 sessions, IRC, OffByOne browser with multiple tabs, and playing mp3s off a CF card just fine ;) At any given moment I have 2-10mb of free ram and it will beu sing maybe 15mb of swap (mostly offbyone being cached out from lack of use).

I'll try to make my posts more clear ;)

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