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Oracle and SUN Today Oracle released its latest version of Solaris technology, the Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 release. It includes a large number of new features not found in either Oracle Solaris 10 or previous OpenSolaris releases including ZFS encryption and deduplication, network-based packaging and provisioning systems, network virtualization, optimized I/O for NUMA platforms and optimized platform support including support for Intel's latest Nehalem and SPARC T3. In addition, Oracle Solaris 10 support is available from within a container/zone so migration of existing systems is greatly simplified. The release is available under a variety of licenses including a supported commercial license on a wide variety of x86 and SPARC platforms.
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by phoenix on Wed 17th Nov 2010 22:41 UTC in reply to "ZFS"
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Now it's looking ever more likely that ZFS will be binned as Oracle already have a vested interest in BtrFS, Linux (due to CDDL vs GPL licensing) favours BtrFS and even Apple have dropped their implementation in OS X.

BtrFS is still 5 years away from achieving feature parity with ZFSv15 (latest available in FreeBSD 8.x), possibly longer to reach parity with ZFSv31 (latest available from Oracle).

There's no way they'd turf ZFS and try to switch all their development resources to BtrFS.

After all, that eliminates a reason to use Solaris, which eliminates the need for all those expensive licenses, and all those sales of expensive hardware. ;)

tl;dr version: I'm really worried about the future of ZFS.

ZFS is opensource, it's not going anywhere. ZFSv28, which includes everything except crypto support, is already "in the wild". Oracle can't close it up and make it disappear. There are even experimental patches for using ZFSv28 in FreeBSD 9-CURRENT, with the goal of having it integrated into the 9.0 release in 2011.

Nexenta is available now with ZFS. It's not going anywhere.

GreenBytes uses ZFS in their storage products. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

There are others. It's too late to put the genie back in the bottle. And it's too long to wait for BtrFS to catch up.

There are even two separate projects underway to bring ZFS to Linux as an out-of-tree kernel module.

IOW, there's nothing to worry about.

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RE[2]: ZFS
by Kebabbert on Thu 18th Nov 2010 10:44 in reply to "RE: ZFS"
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Also, ZFS gives very good data safety. Here are some problems hardware raid Enterprise had

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