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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless ...and finally it pays off for OSNews to have a Dutch editor. Yes, I knew this glorious day would one day be upon us, the day upon which the rest of the technology world would be struggling with Google Translate to decipher a Dutch article with news in it. But not for OSNews, oh no! Anyway, Steve Wozniak, Apple founder and still technically an employee, gave an interview to a Dutch newspaper (the worst we have, but still) in which he made some interesting remarks. Update: Told you it's the worst newspaper we have.
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RE: MeeGo
by Skender on Thu 18th Nov 2010 17:59 UTC in reply to "MeeGo"
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No, he doesn't mention MeeGo. He says Nokia was too late in adopting touch screens and is therefore still associated by consumers with physical keyboards.

Personally, I like touch screens, but I don't like to input text on them. That's why I own a Nokia phone with a touch screen and a keyboard :-)

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RE[2]: MeeGo
by Calipso on Thu 18th Nov 2010 20:08 in reply to "RE: MeeGo"
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touch screen + physical keyboard = win

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RE[3]: MeeGo
by bnolsen on Thu 18th Nov 2010 21:15 in reply to "RE[2]: MeeGo"
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Coming from a POS flip phone without even a camera and getting an n900, I can say that the keyboard to me is pretty useless. A phone is pretty radically different from a desktop which begs that interface should also be pretty radically different. There's no good reason to even try to "PC-ize" a phone by adding a hardware keyboard.

Not long after I got my n900 an associate got a sprint 4g HTC phone. Nice thin phone, nice big display, I don't see a lot of half baked ports.

nokia's mistake here is that they are trying to leverage a traditionally deskop toolkit with a ton of pre existing desktop apps onto a mobile phone. All they are getting is a bunch of desktop apps rehashed to run on a mobile phone.

Both ios and android gained by intentionally not trying to make this bridge.

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