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Legal "The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act sets up a system through which the US government can blacklist a pirate website from the Domain Name System, ban credit card companies from processing US payments to the site, and forbid online ad networks from working with the site. This morning, COICA unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee."
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RE: One step at a time
by jjmckay on Fri 19th Nov 2010 18:59 UTC in reply to "One step at a time"
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Torrents, DNS, net-neutrality, cryptography on media, HDMI, broadcast flag, etc..

What I see here is that the lobbyists are persuading the legislators, media and folks (through media) to make all these small steps. One at a time. They are just basically using trial and error to figure out the effective combinations that allow them to enforce all these enslaving ideas.

It's not a big deal for many now, but some day we'll wake up in a world where all these small things put together make you feel like you're in Terry Gilliam's Brazil..

Well said. It's sort of like how geology works. Very difficult to see what's happening even though the small changes add up to eventually make huge changes.

This type of policy change is evidence they are going to play the 'running while standing still' game through ineffectual government action. We already have laws to deal with illegal content, but since they failed we are going to start piling on even more laws which won't work. As was said earlier, I don't think these are very extreme, but still, I don't like this direction.

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