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Games Ah, Microsoft's Kinect. Now that the technology has been released into the wild, one thing becomes clear: hackers and programmers love it. It's already been hacked to work on Linux and the Mac, and the first interesting hobby projects are starting to appear. Since Microsoft has already stated it's selling Kinect at a profit, I'm going to make a bold statement: Microsoft is loving the hackery. Update: Turns out I was right - Microsoft has stated that Kinect was left open by design.
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RE: 3D
by Phloptical on Sat 20th Nov 2010 01:35 UTC in reply to "3D"
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That would definitely give me cause to buy a 3D monitor/TV. Right now, to me it's a useless fad.

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RE[2]: 3D
by StephenBeDoper on Sat 20th Nov 2010 19:16 in reply to "RE: 3D"
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That would definitely give me cause to buy a 3D monitor/TV. Right now, to me it's a useless fad.

Now there's an idea. To hell with Minority Report, it could make the UI from the Iron Man films a reality. It's at least more appealing than the future envisioned here:

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RE[2]: 3D
by Elv13 on Mon 22nd Nov 2010 04:13 in reply to "RE: 3D"
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to me, it's not even working, so useless is kind of good

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RE[2]: 3D no value seen here yet either
by jabbotts on Mon 22nd Nov 2010 20:25 in reply to "RE: 3D"
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Every movie has to be released in 3D and now 3D TVs for one's own home. I've yet to see any movie make real use of 3D. It's always there as a gimic; does not advance the story, does not enhance realism. It's a "look, we can film with two cameras" show and tell.

I've also not yet seen a 3D technology that works without binocular vision. If you have less than two perfectly functioning eyes, your not getting 3D.

The mass media and tv vendors can come talk to me again when 3D is not binocular limited and does something to actually enhance the content being viewed.

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