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Games Ah, Microsoft's Kinect. Now that the technology has been released into the wild, one thing becomes clear: hackers and programmers love it. It's already been hacked to work on Linux and the Mac, and the first interesting hobby projects are starting to appear. Since Microsoft has already stated it's selling Kinect at a profit, I'm going to make a bold statement: Microsoft is loving the hackery. Update: Turns out I was right - Microsoft has stated that Kinect was left open by design.
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The Tech Belongs to PrimeSense
by delta0.delta0 on Sat 20th Nov 2010 02:22 UTC
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Hi Thom,

It will not be Microsoft bringing this to tvs but it will be primesense. The hardware technology belongs to primesense an Israeli company and they still own it and all of the corresponding patents etc..


PrimeSense™ supplies 3D-sensing technology to 'Project Natal' for Xbox 360

Ground-Breaking Optical Sensing and Recognition Technologies to Aid Gesture Control Platform. Read more!

The PrimeSensor™ Reference Design is an end-to-end solution that enables a computer to perceive the world in three-dimensions and to translate these perceptions into a synchronized depth image, in the same way that humans do. The solution includes a sensor component, which observes the scene (users and their surroundings), and a perception component, or brain, which comprehends the user interaction within these surroundings.


In fact if you look at the primesense design, they use higher resolution cameras and their system can detect finger movement. It will be primesense that will add this tech to tvs and other devices, Microsoft have only bought rights to use the primesense reference design.

To also just further prove this to you:


Step 11
This is a Prime Sense diagram explaining how their reference platform works. The Kinect is the first (and only) implementation of this platform.
One camera (and one IR transmitter) provide input for the depth map (rumored to be just 320x240), while the third camera detects the human visual spectrum at 640x480 resolution.
We have heard claims that the system can measure distance within 1cm of accuracy at two meters. While that's great in concept, early reviews are showing that you don't get anywhere near that accuracy in the real world—yet.


It would be so nice if you actually researched the technology first...

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It would be so nice if you actually researched the technology first...

Yes it would be nice if you researched the technology first. The hardware was created by PrimeSense, but the people-tracking software was written by Microsoft. That's a pretty significant part of Kinect (assuming you're using it as a human input device), and recreating it would be a massive project.

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