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Games Ah, Microsoft's Kinect. Now that the technology has been released into the wild, one thing becomes clear: hackers and programmers love it. It's already been hacked to work on Linux and the Mac, and the first interesting hobby projects are starting to appear. Since Microsoft has already stated it's selling Kinect at a profit, I'm going to make a bold statement: Microsoft is loving the hackery. Update: Turns out I was right - Microsoft has stated that Kinect was left open by design.
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Embracement Wanted
by ephracis on Sun 21st Nov 2010 00:49 UTC
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It would be lovely if the hacking of devices was not only "not hated", but encouraged by companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Nintendo, etc, etc.

But that's just a geek dream, I guess. ;)

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RE: Embracement Wanted
by lucas_maximus on Sun 21st Nov 2010 12:07 in reply to "Embracement Wanted"
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Unfortunately they have to cover their own backsides legally.

If they encouraged people to hack stuff and they electricuted themselves or burn down their house ... Microsoft/Apple/Nvidia/HTC/<insert tech company> would be exposing themselves potentially to culpability.

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jabbotts Member since:

I think the "cover our backsides" claims are overstated. We can't open our hardware up else we'll get flooded with support calls. Our user experience will suffer. BS. A company can find a way to do it if they have even minimal interest.

I submit Nokia. I can add a non-Nokia repository but I have to add it. I have to click "ok, download this and add it" or go in by hand and enter the three pieces of information. When I install a non-Nokia program package, I get a warning; "this program was not produced by Nokia and may cause damage to your device". I can still install it but I'm very opt-in to accepting the non-Nokia code. If I decide I want full access to the device, I just go into the list of available programs and install "Rootsh"; doesn't matter the OS version, doesn't matter the hardware version. Enabling root access should be an easy opt-in not this "jailbreak" drama that goes on with Iphones and MotorolaAndroid, ATTAndroid and all the other vendor trashed Android installs.

It would really be easy for a company to make it clear that they supported hacking. "here's our produce, show us what you can make it do that we didn't think of." Manual opt-in methods work as do signage which. "I installed this program and it broke my phone" - 'We are very sad to hear that but you also had to click through several warnings and enable your phone's ability to install that program."

The protests about overwhelmed support staff and call centers and impending legal downfall of civilization as we know are overstated BS.

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