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Novell and Ximian We were well aware that Novell had put itself on the market, coyly winking at passers-by, displaying its... Assets. VMware was a contender, but things have played out entirely different: Novell has been bought by Attachmate Corp., with a Microsoft-led consortium buying unspecified intellectual property from Novell.
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Damn it, ever since you pointed out the original poster's reading mistake, now I keep reading the company name as Attachment! Before then, I always read it correctly. Now I keep thinking for a couple seconds after reading the name, "wait, there's something wrong..." and then have to correct myself.

Its the typo that won't die. When I wrote it the first time I actually misspelled it attackmate, but then I noticed the error before I hit post and changed another typo. Also I think this is the most replies a comment of mine has gotten and its over a typo.

I still hope that attachmate didn't make a deal that curses the industry into another decade over pointless lawsuits. It would certainly bias a good chunk of the industry against them, if you though the boycott Novel crowd is bad now, wait until they actually have something to bitch about. If this move does result in another round of lawsuits of course.

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