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Hardware, Embedded Systems Usually, the only live press events which garner any attention are those by Apple, and sometimes those by Microsoft. This time around, though, Acer's been the center of attention, and it has paid off: the company has unveiled a boatload of interesting hardware - including a dual-screen laptop, a high-resolution Android phone, and several tablets.
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Silverlight on the tablet
by arbour42 on Wed 24th Nov 2010 01:41 UTC
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Huh, with silverlight supporting multi-touch, can I write Silverlight (or wpf) apps for this WP7 tablet? That would be fantastic.

I've been studying iPhone-iPad development, and so far find the silverlight model more powerful and easier - especially with data binding (and tying the data back to the server via WCF RIA services).

How is Windows 7 customized? I doubt like the Metro style with Windows Phone. This could be very interesting, and probably cheaper than Apple.

Guess the thing to do is to keep studying silverlight and cocoa touch... Thanks for this article.

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