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Legal Oh it's on. It's on. They just messed with the wrong... Euh, companies. It seems like both Samsung and HTC are gearing up for war, and in doing so, have pretty much made a deal with what could turn out to be the devil. They've both partnered with Intellectual Ventures, a company which hoards patents only to license them to others - however, the company has no history of litigation.
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by Moredhas on Wed 24th Nov 2010 21:48 UTC
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I'm not sure IV are so reprehensible... You say they produce knowledge also, I don't think many patent trolls do that. A non-litigeous history, coupled with the fact they don't just acquire paptents to grow fat off them, means they may actually be a legitimate "information company". I mean, put aside that the patents shouldn't exist at all in many cases...

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