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OpenStep, GNUstep I don't really know what Sony wants with this, but they're using GNUstep, so that's something, I guess. "Sony's Networked Application Platform is a project designed to leverage the open source community to build and evolve the next generation application framework for consumer electronic devices. The developer program gives access to a developer community and resources like SDK, tools, documentation and other developers. The foundation upon which this project is base comes from the GNUstep community, whose origin dates back to the OpenStep standard developed by NeXT Computer Inc (now Apple Computer Inc.). While Apple has continued to update their specification in the form of Cocoa and Mac OS X, the GNUstep branch of the tree has diverged considerably."
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RE: Objective -C / C++
by henderson101 on Thu 25th Nov 2010 11:35 UTC in reply to "Objective -C / C++ "
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The problem you have with Cocotron is that the primary mission statement of the guys working on in (Christopher Lloyd being the lead IIRC) is that it is intended to be used on a Mac to cross compile for other targets. So, in essence, you need a Mac to develop apps. The benefit of Gnustep should be that you can run it on any supported platform and develop natively. You can. It just doesn't work very well most of the time.

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RE[2]: Objective -C / C++
by greygandalf on Thu 25th Nov 2010 15:12 in reply to "RE: Objective -C / C++ "
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Hmm... I beg your pardon about "doesn't work very well"?
The GNUstep core framework is very complete, much more than Cocotron. It allows to to write complex and complete application and run them on Windows too. Applications for which - last time I checked - Cocotron was missing the implementation of whole methods or even classes having only little more than stubs. Both commercial application as well as free software runs on Windows successfully.

Furthermore I may remind you that the ultimate goal of GNUstep is to be native and self-hosting. We appreciate and incentive the use of it to port application from the mac to Unix and to Windows. But we are a GNU project, so giving a complete environment on a Free operating system is the ultimate goal.

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RE[3]: Objective -C / C++
by cjwl on Sat 27th Nov 2010 19:13 in reply to "RE[2]: Objective -C / C++ "
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Neither GNUstep nor Cocotron are complete, they each have different areas of functionality. GNUstep has a lot of UNimplemented API, especially newer ones. For example, Cocotron has a functional CoreData and CoreGraphics implementation, GNUstep has basically nothing for these.

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