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Legal The US is really ramping up its war on intellectual property infringement, a war which I'm sure will be just as successful, cheap and supported by the people as the wars on drugs and terrorism. The US has started seizing the domain names of various websites through ICANN - not because owners of these sites were convicted of anything, but merely because complaints have been filed against them. Anyone want to take a guess how long it will be before the US government blocks WikiLeaks? Update: The blocks function outside of the US too. In other words, the US is forcing its views upon the rest of the world once again.
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RE[6]: Slant
by Icaria on Sun 28th Nov 2010 13:13 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Slant"
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and I've declined an offer to write for them recently
Well if these comments are reflective of your general tone and content, I can only thank you.

If you take such issue with Thom's writing style, why address it to me
...are you completely daft? Who was my original comment in reply to? Please, tell me. Oh wait, you already did:
Wait, so you disagree with a quote Thom used on his site, therefore you tell him to remove the quote
Your own words. I 'told' Thom. My next reply was addressed to you, since you so obviously needed some clarification and I obviously wasn't going to stand for being so thoroughly misrepresented.

No, I suspect I know your continued motive
Oh Christ, here it comes: the troll allegation. Even were I a troll, this is the internet in the year 2010; we're long since past crying 'troll' being an instant argument winner (or salvager, as the case may be) and you wouldn't need to point it out to people and attempt to institute a bias, were I a troll. Never mind that I could just as easily label your... critique 'tone trolling', if not outright trolling over equating making a suggestion with censorship.

and given your moderated status I'm inclined to believe others see it too
While I'd take an internet popularity contest with a grain of salt, I'd be more inclined to attribute that to my being argumentative and crass. People (at least on this site) find me unpleasant. Big surprise there.

it's a tired old trolling method to get under a person's skin by insulting them twice in one sentence
It's also a tired old method of addressing something childish, if not completely bat-shit crazy: you accused me of attempted censorship over something incredibly innocuous. Your original reply really was ridiculously disproportionate and hysterical and I think you know that as well as I do, lest you wouldn't resort to doggedly strawmanning me and playing the troll card.

with irrelevant pseudo-observations no less.
Irrelevant? Irrelevant how? 'Pseudo-observations?' How are they distinct from observations proper - or at all distinct from your own 'pseudo-observations' regarding me? Vague, undemonstrated, undefined, non-exclusive much? You're really just throwing everything at me in the hope that something'll stick; quantity over quality and all that. You're really not doing a terribly good job of establishing the high ground, here. These are gutter tactics.

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RE[7]: Slant
by Morgan on Mon 29th Nov 2010 17:53 in reply to "RE[6]: Slant"
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Let's see if you're serious and not just trolling. Let's take this off the board as it doesn't really belong here anyway, and continue via email. Mine is in my profile, I'll let you start. Continuing like this here would only show your true motives, so please prove me wrong.

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RE[8]: Slant
by Icaria on Tue 30th Nov 2010 08:02 in reply to "RE[7]: Slant"
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Let's see if you're serious and not just trolling.
Continuing like this here would only show your true motives
Not sure I follow this logic. Actually, I'm sure I don't.

And you've more or less given me the last word here so it's your turn; I've already stated everything I've wished to state, based upon what you've given me so far. Assuming my email isn't visible on this site, you can contact me at etnlicarus 'at the google mail dot com'. It's my junk inbox so feel free to sign me up to whatever gay porn sites you can find.

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