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Legal We've had a bit of a copyrightesque weekend here on OSNews, so it seems only fitting to end this Sunday with yet another story on this subject. This one isn't so much anger-inducing as much as it is what?-inducing - you'll either laugh or cry. It basically comes down to this: a smart lawyer is selling self-help packages to aid victims of the mass-P2P lawsuits in the US, and now the media companies behind those lawsuits are suing this lawyer... For causing them damage.
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I think that is a great idea! I'll be out of the office most of the day, but when I get back later this evening, I'll seed the torrent and post the link of the entire docket (and then some) so you guys can see what we have access to, but need to pay for.

I agree that it is unfair that attorneys seem to have more information available at our fingertips regarding court cases and laws, and that everybody should have equal access. However, our realtime access to these cases is via what is called a "PACER" account (I'd also suggest you download a Firefox plug-in called RECAP so you can download the dockets for free while logged into your PACER account.)

I suggest everyone get involved in these cases because what is being done in the courts and procedurally to the accused downloaders and to attorney Graham Syfert is simply not proper.

I'll be back tonight to seed and post the torrent link to the docket.

Warm regards,

Rob Cashman, Attorney
Cashman Law Firm, PLLC

PS - Attorneys should ALWAYS have an identifying signature block to identify themselves and to adhere to ethics rules.

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Wow, such vitriol against you. I guess it just goes to reinforce the stereotype that computer geeks think they know how to do everything better than actual experts.

I would definitely hire an actual lawyer vs buying my own forms. I do not knowingly violate copy write laws and am not currently charged with doing so.

Just wanted to post to let you know we aren't all clueless assholes here.

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I agree. Our lawyer friend has been treated somewhat unfairly by the community here. I prefer to reserve judgement until I have some facts.

(Although, having the name 'Rob Cashman' is somewhat unfortunate in this situation.)

Doing some of my own research reveals this:

which indicates that a lack of personal jurisdiction is a valid complaint during this process.

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Thanks. It is always a risk when an attorney posts a message on a forum -- we're immediately perceived as the enemy and attacked as such. You should have seen the angry responses when I posted a response answering someone's question on TorrentFreak just a few days ago. I didn't even mention the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC or that we were helping clients who were caught downloading. Even with giving simple advice, I was literally cursed out many times just for visiting the forum.

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