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Legal I'm (was?) a Twitter user. This past week I found it utterly weird that none of the words #wikileaks, #cablegate, #cables, #Assange were actually "trending". I even tweeted about this 5 days ago. Today, my fears of secret censorship seem to be coming true. It appears that Twitter is censoring all these words, so they don't appear in the (much-used) Twitter "trends" list. Update 1: A Twitter staffer replied to the blog post saying that their trending algorithm doesn't always result to the most popular terms. Update 2: More investigation about what might be going on.
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It's only business
by Dr-ROX on Mon 6th Dec 2010 07:38 UTC
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Well, you should look from Twitter's perspective. They had participated in various political events, like famous Iran election. And even politicians used it to get the news. But this time it's different - the secret information leaked is about US. Where are twitter servers? In US. What Twitter wants? To do it's business. And it really doesn't want bad press, pressure from government and other problems. Amazon gave up, DNS server gave up - the US government is doing their job.
About secret information leaks: in all those situations there is "damage control" going on. Basically it's telling everyone that there is nothing special in those documents and if one is interested in politics, it should already know the problems, outlined in those documents. So government tries to make that leak unimportant. Second thing is to control the visibility. If someone posts links to those documents, well, they will get a phone-call from "men in black". And if you are running a business - you simply don't want to be in that mess. So every company, that dropped wikileaks did that for personal interest to hold a business. Well, this is against free speech. Wikileaks moved to Europe and here they can be quite safe. Unless they will publish some bad thing about country, they are hosting in.
So, this is the real world - everyone has its own interests and.. well being brave is hard thing to to.

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