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Legal I'm (was?) a Twitter user. This past week I found it utterly weird that none of the words #wikileaks, #cablegate, #cables, #Assange were actually "trending". I even tweeted about this 5 days ago. Today, my fears of secret censorship seem to be coming true. It appears that Twitter is censoring all these words, so they don't appear in the (much-used) Twitter "trends" list. Update 1: A Twitter staffer replied to the blog post saying that their trending algorithm doesn't always result to the most popular terms. Update 2: More investigation about what might be going on.
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by ARUmar on Mon 6th Dec 2010 13:33 UTC
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whereas no press is truly free or independent of is the wanton hypocrisy that really cannot stand.To borrow a phrase "What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say." As pointed out earlier they(twitter)ostensibly promoted the cause of the iranian dissidents a year ago under the banner of democracy and free speech.That same standard however appears to be inapplicable to their own society?You cannot have one rule for "them" and another for "us".if you recognise the power of the platform you have on the internet pushing a particular agenda will bring about charges of double standards and rightly so as far as i am concerned on the internet we are all equal(unrealistic and idealistic yes) and i would expect the service providers to act accordingly.Barring that its time to fork the net.

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