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Google Google held a Chrome event today, and the rumours had suggested we might see the launch of Chrome OS today. This turned out to be nonsense, and in all honesty, the entire event didn't really deliver much in the form of new information. The Chrome Web Store has been opened, and the first Chrome OS netbooks will arrive in the middle of 2011.
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What does Chrome OS mean?
by Lunitik on Fri 10th Dec 2010 04:41 UTC
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Many people here are looking at ChromeOS in the context of the web today. I believe this is seriously flawed. Things like NaCl are going to allow for serious performance on the web, things like WebGL are ensuring graphics on the web are on par with the desktop. Things like the Storage API of HTML5 are ensuring you don't need to be online to do anything within the browser, other than the limitations of e-mail apps etc today - ie, you can't update them... that is essentially it.

For me, ChromeOS is about making the web the primary application platform. Developers needn't be locked in, and can still utilize the best language for a given job, but code will run on any operating system - never again will there be lockin. At least not at that layer, privacy laws are ensuring your data isn't locked in also.

On todays web, even with modern browsers, things like JayCut are still rather painful to use, but this particular example shows the power that is already there, and just how much the web has grown up. At least in my view.

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RE: What does Chrome OS mean?
by Lennie on Sat 11th Dec 2010 12:29 in reply to "What does Chrome OS mean?"
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I agree with everything you said, but NaCl is dead.

It has already been shown that modern javascript engines are as fast, it not faster than NaCl without the disadvantages.

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