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Windows Amidst all the WikiLeaks hoopla, there's also actual regular news going on. Windows 7 is barely out the door, and we're already dealing with Windows 8, which is indeed being worked on but will not arrive for at least two years. There's some rumours from an Italian website which state that the 64bit version of Windows 8 will have a completely new interface called Wind. Right.
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Politics Affect Operating Systems Too???
by pooo on Fri 10th Dec 2010 06:39 UTC
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This morning Kroc posted an article titled "Politics Affect Operating Systems Too"

Where did this article go?????

Why was it removed???

Politics Affect Operating Systems Too?

Edited 2010-12-10 06:40 UTC

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vodoomoth Member since:

Yes, other people have asked the same question. This is the first time I've seen a story removed/deleted/unavailable/etc or have I not been around here for long enough?

The intent was obviously good as I perceived it as an attempt to reconcile the community after the 4chan story. The content was also totally worthy of this website. So yes, crew, what happened?

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Sauron Member since:

They possibly had a call off a US government official telling them to remove it! ;)

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Kroc Member since:

It was badly written and disorganised and will go back up once I've had time to reconcile it.


The American Government pressured us to remove it because it sounded too much like free speech, and that's bad ummkay.

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renhoek Member since:

Didn't you move it to the free speech zone?

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TheVendo Member since:

It's available in Bing's cache,4ffbe...

Edited 2010-12-10 10:58 UTC

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abstraction Member since:

Hehe it was interesting in a David Lynch kinda way. I didn't understand much but I still enjoyed it.

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