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Mono Project For the most time, I've been firmly in the largest camp when it comes to the Mono debate - the 'I don't care'-camp. With patent lawsuits being hotter than Lady Gaga right now, that changed. For good reason, so it seems; while firmly in the 'ZOMG-MICROSOFT-IS-T3H-EVILL!1!!ONE!'-camp, investigated the five most popular Mono applications, and the conclusion is clear: all of them implement a lot of namespaces which are not covered by Microsoft's community promise thing.
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RE[2]: Big fekkin surprise
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 13th Dec 2010 20:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Big fekkin surprise"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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Here's the difference between Java and Mono:

Java :

+ safe to use the language, vm, ect as long as its from an approved source ( ie Open JDK, ect).

- unsafe to use a non official implementation of the "open" standard. ( aka Harmony)

- unsafe to use parts of the a non official implementation of the open standard to create a pseudo derivative product (aka Android).

Mono :

+ safe ( from Microsoft lawsuits) to use a specific subset of the language.

+ safe to use a non official implementation of the "open" standard.

- unsafe to create a 100% Microsoft compatible implementation.

The problem no one in the mono world has even thought of is the qualifier in there: Safe from Microsoft. Microsoft doesn't own all of the patents that dot net Relies on. They paid to use Sun patents as well. So even an implementation of the open standard may be subject to lawsuits from Sun/Oracle.

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