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OSNews, Generic OSes I know that there's a number of readers who don't like it when OSnews covers political topics, I'm one of them. These political upheavals however spell danger for operating system hobbyists and so I dedicate this article to framing the political news within the context of what we are here to read about: operating systems.
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financial 'system'
by sPAZbEAT on Wed 15th Dec 2010 16:39 UTC in reply to "Wikileaks"
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somewhere i read assange transcript in which he said that wl plan (planned?) to leak files of financial businesses. But even if the business is/was Visa, I don't think Visa is that *reliably* agile (328th left of 156st foot doesn't know what the 6370th elbow behind the 964th ventricle is doing).

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