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Legal Well well well well well, paint me red and call me a girly scout. I've been saying for months now that there's much more collaboration between Apple and Microsoft than their respective fanboys want to believe, especially when it comes to fighting Google and Android, which both companies partly do via patent suits. More evidence for this has emerged today. Remember CPTN Holdings, the consortium led by Microsoft which bought that bundle of patents from Novell? Which other companies are part of this consortium? EMC. Oracle. Apple.
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OK, what happend to OpenBSD possibly wasn't true.

Still, it caught be completely by surprise.

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You're really surprised?

I'd have been surprised had this _not_ come to light at some point.

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In the case of OpenBSD.. all we need now is.. *evidence*.. that the claims of a backdoor are true.. It being open source, you'll also get the details of, if true, how a malicious developer could inject and maintain hidden code in OpenBSD's source tree.. that and confirm if other project management processes are also at risk.

Until the investigation is finished, you can run about waving the OpenBSD rumor around as fact proof positive, I'll wait for some supporting evidence to corroborate the claims of a random email.

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